The opera's many vivid character roles are expertly handled by Rosalind Plowright, all flighty hauteur as the Contessa di Coigny;
Opera News - Patrick Dillon - Jan 2017

Rosalind Plowright makes a delightfully camp Contessa di Coigny
Financial Times - Richard Fairman - Jan 2015

Rosalind Plowright as the Contessa Di Coigny is a star turn with her 'let them eat cake' neurosis over her new gown while starving peasants are beating the palace doors in.
Spear's - Melinda Hughes - Jan 2015

...Liveried servants light the candles on the chandeliers for a reception that Rosalind Plowright’s autocratic Countess is holding at her chateau,
Daily Express - Clare Colvin - Jan 2015

Rosalind Plowright (who sang Maddalena in the production 30 years ago) was a characterful Contessa di Coigny, her hairdo adding a strong sense of caricature.
Planet Hugill - Robert Hugill - Jan 2015

Rosalind Plowright’s Countess, Elena Zilio’s Madelon and Denyce Graves’ Bersi all make appreciable marks.
The Stage - George Hall - Jan 2015

Rosalind Plowright’s vicious Countess di Coigny,
Tim Ashley - The Guardian - Jan 2015

... with particularly notable cameos from Rosalind Plowright as a haughty Countess di Coigny and mother of Maddalena (a role she sang at Covent Garden thirty years ago) ...
Mark Ronan - www.markronan.com - Jan 2015

... and Rosalind Plowright was luxury casting as the Countess
Melanie Eskenazi - www.musicomh.com - Jan 2015

but it’s a particular bonus seeing Rosalind Plowright (the Royal Opera’s Maddalena at their last Chénier staging, 30 years ago) return as the Contessa di Coigny.
Alexandra Coghlan - www.theartsdesk.com Jan 2015

... it was a nice idea to have Rosalind Plowright back, this time as Maddalena’s mother, and she gave a witty, very fine performance.
Operanotes - Jan 2015

Here we were lucky again in having superbly sketched cameos from … Rosalind Plowright as the vain and fussy Contessa whose Ancien Régime party starts the evening ...
Harpers Bazaar - George Smart - Jan 2015

The opera itself starts promisingly …led by the haughty Contessa di Coigny (Rosalind Plowright).
The Spectator - Edward Seckerson - Jan 2015

Nor by the extensive and distinguished supporting cast, I dare say, for the most part at least. Rosalind Plowright brings the Contessa di Coigny to tremendous life ....
What's On Stage - Mark Valencia - Jan 2015

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