While one watches and listens, the authority and individuality of her tone and personality come across as unarguable.
Max Loppert - Opera - July 2015

and Rosalind Plowright's performance , as the terminally ill Madame de Croissy, has a dramatic veracity that is disturbing in the extreme.
Tim Ashbury - The Guardian - Dec 2014

Rosalind Plowright delivered a wrenchingly powerful performance on her deathbed.
Francis Carlin - Opera Now - Feb 2014

It is common to cast Madame de Croissy (the Old Prioress) with a singer at the end of her vocal life, so it was a great pleasure to encounter Rosalind Plowright in the role. Her voice gloriously encompassed all that the drama required of it. The role isn't huge, she dies at the end of act one, but Poulenc gives the death scene so much drama that is is a gift to a singing actress like Plowright (also afforded the complement of being the only major non Francophone singer in the cast).
Robert Hugill - Planet Hugill - 15 Dec 2013

Quelques images fortes resteront dans la mémoire, et d’abord la mort de la Prieure (Rosalind Plowright, bouleversante)

Some powerful images will remain in the memory, above all the death of the Prioress (overwhelming Rosalind Plowright)
Philippe Thanh - La Lettre du Musicien - 12 Dec 2013

Neben der Schlussszene mit der Hinrichtung der Karmeliterinnen ist die Sterbeszene der alten Priorin ein weiterer dramatischer Höhepunkt der Oper. Rosalind Plowright gibt dieser Szene durch Darstellung und sängerische Kraft eine tiefe und packende Ausdrucksstärke.

Besides the closing scene of execution of the Carmelites, the death scene of the old Abbess provides the other dramatic high point of the opera. Through the power of both her acting and singing, Rosalind Plowright brings to this scene a deeply expressive strength and impact.
Online Musik Magazin, April 2011

die todkranke Priorin (großartig expressiv: Rosalind Plowright) schockiert sie durch ihre gottferne Agonie.

The terminally sick Abbess, superbly and expressively sung by Rosalind Plowright, shocked in her Godforsaken agony.
Esslinger Zeitung 12 April 2011

Eine Charakterstudie ohnegleichen bot Rosalind Plowright als sterbende Priorin. In den Achtzigern ein viel beschäftiger Verdi-Sopran, hatte sie nun machtvolle Mezzo-Schrekenstöne für die disparate Figur parat.

Rosalind Plowright as the dying prioress gave an incomparable character study. A much sought-after Verdi soprano in the 80s, she now possesses a powerful mezzo with appropriately scary colours for this desperate character.
Stuttgarter Zeitung 12th April 2011.

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