Rosalind Plowright has a lovely voice
As their mother Gertrude, former soprano Rosalind Plowright unleashes a boomingly powerful mezzo, cutting a tall, spindly figure onstage. David Finkle - Theatermania
The melodies were sung with verve by an exceptional cast at Monday's premiere.....Rosalind Plowright was neurotic and spooked (she almost does herself in with pills, so deep is her despair) Jeremy Gerard -
Rosalind Plowright conveys sympathetic desperation as the Mother Martin Bernheimer - Financial Times
Another British accent was sported by the Mother, Rosalind Plowright, who was once a soprano but now works as a mezzo. She was formidable, scalding, and if she was shrill, that was in character. One objection, however (and not Ms. Plowright's fault): In her modern garb, including short skirt, she looked a tad too sexy to be this story's mother. Jay Nordlinger - New York Sun - Dec 2007
Gertrude, played by the mezzo-soprano Rosalind Plowright, is so distraught over her family’s poverty, her husband’s drinking and her own bursts of anger at the children that in a suicidal moment she nearly swallows a handful of pills, which seems a melodramatic touch. The raw power of her singing increases the harshness of the portrayal. Anthony Tommasini - New York Times - Dec 2007
The fabric of mezzo ROSALIND PLOWRIGHT's voice fits the mother's despairing state well Mike Silverman - Associated Press - 26 December 2009