Soprano Rosalind Plowright, now well into her seventies, put in a superb performance as the village gossip Mrs Sedley. It was amazing to sit in the auditorium and listen to her sing with a voice which still retains the strength, versatility, firmness and expressivity that one would be pleased to hear from a singer half her age. Her Mrs Sedley was suitably vicious, a nasty piece of work, with an air of moral superiority. She also added a touch of humor to the role in playing up her discomfit at finding herself in a pub. Alan Neilson - Operawire - 6 July 2022
Perfectly cast as consummate characters,..... the dean Rosalind Plowright as the gossip Mrs. Sedley, Stefano Nardelli - Giornale della Musica - 27 June 2022
und Rosalind Plowright (Mrs Sedley) vermag die Britin neben ihrer Bühnenpräsenz auch vokal noch durchaus überzeugen. Dr. Rainhard Wiesinger - - Dec 2015
Oder wie Rosalind Plowright die klatsch- und auch sonst süchtige Mrs. Sedley als Hobby-Mrs. Marple ihr Gift verspritzt. Joachim Lange - online musik magazin - Dec 2015
Erfreulich war auch ein Wiedersehen mit Rosalind Plowright in der Rolle der Witwe Mrs.Sedley im Hippieoutfit des legendären Woodstock-Festivals. Eine ihrer zahlreichen Sopran- später Mezzosopranrollen war gleichfalls die Fricka, die sie in der Saison 2003/04 am Royal Opera House Covent Garden gesungen hatte. Auch sie sorgte durch ihre Darstellung für die komische Seite des Abends. Harald Lacina - Die Neuer Merker - Dec 2015
Another female Peter Pan in the business, Rosalind Plowright, is a delightful veteran hippie - a coke-sniffing scarecrow - and one guilefully eccentric, as Mrs. Sedley. Moore Parker - - Dec 2015
Rosalind Plowright est une irrésistible Mrs Sedley, très arsenic et vieilles dentelles, donnant une touche d’humour fugace à cette histoire tragique. Rosalind Plowright is an irresistible Mrs Sedley, very Arsenic and Old Lace, giving a fleeting touch of humour to this tragic story. Fabrice Malkani - - April 2014
Egalement remarquables, les seconds rôles Mrs Sedley de Rosalind Plowright en bigote passionnée de criminologie.. Equally remarkable are the supporting roles ... the Mrs Sedley of Rosalind Plowright, as a sanctimonious old biddy with a criminological bent. Marie-Aude Roux - Le Monde - April 2014
Tous les seconds plans sont bien tenus. […] Toutefois, tous marquent le pas face à l'aura de Rosalind Plowright. Absente de Lyon depuis sa Norma de 1987, véritable "bête de scène", l'immense cantatrice dispose du chic des artistes d'exception et une présence hallucinante. Devenue mezzo-soprano, son registre grave s'est étoffé. Le timbre est toujours aussi ensorcelant, unique, immédiatement identifiable. L'impact et la vaillance sont toujours là et l'on rêve de l'entendre en Comtesse de "La Dame de Pique" tant elle parvient à transformer instantanément le rôle secondaire de Mrs Sedley en premier plan ! All second parts are well performed. […]However, Rosalind Plowright is a cut above the rest . Absent from the Lyon stage since her Norma in 1987 , real " stage animal " , the singer has the elegance of exceptional artists and an incredible presence . Now a mezzo -soprano , her low register has developped. The timbre is still enchanting , unique, immediately recognizable . The impact and the stamina are still there and one dreams of hearing her as Countess in " The Queen of Spades " as she manages to instantly transform the secondary part of Mrs. Sedley into a main role ! Patrick Favre - Tissot-Bonvoisin -
Rosalind Plowright’s Mrs Sedley alone stood out, an amalgam of matriarchal Lady Billows (Herring) and post-menopausal Governess (Screw). Andrew Clark - Financial Times - April 2014
Notevole la Mrs Sedley di Rosalind Ploweight per incisività vocale , varietà d’accento e autorevole presenza scenica. Rosalind Plowright, as Mrs Sedley, was remarkable with an impressive voice, a great dynamic range and an authoritative stage presence. Adalberto Ruggeri - OperaClick - April 2014
Tous les rôles des villageois sont parfaitement campés, autant Kathleen Wilkinson et Rosalind Plowright toutes deux parfaites sans friser la caricature dans les rôles extrêmes de Tantine et Mrs. Sedley ... All the roles of the villagers are portrayed perfectly, with a special mention for Kathleen Wilkinson and Rosalind Plowright, who are perfect without going into any kind of caricature in the two opposite roles of Auntie and Mrs Sedley... Olivier Brunel - - April 2014
... fort bien entourée par Rosalind Plowright (redoutable Mrs. Sedley), … extremely well supported by Rosalind Plowright (formidable as Mrs Sedley) Gérard Cornelou - Anaclase - April 2014
Mrs Sedley