The vocal star of the evening, however, was septuagenarian Rosalind Plowright, whose commanding presence as the Old Baroness dominated the stage, combining moral rectitude and practicality in her shrewd advice and punishing judgment. James L Paulk - - 2 June, 2023
ones for which The Old Baroness, portrayed with arch censure by mezzo-soprano Rosalind Plowright, shuns her (Erika) and leaves her utterly isolated. Maura Hogan - The Post & Courier - 28 May 2023
... that weirdly echoed Rosalind Plowright’s iciness as the Baroness, a role that the English mezzo originated at the Wexford Festival premiere of this production – before she reprised the role at Glyndebourne in 2018 (available on DVD and Blu-Ray). Compared to the stony and unwavering Plowright, Perry Tannenbaum - Art on my Sleeve - 2 July 2023
As the Old Baroness Rosalind Plowright effects an imposing, often forbidding presence even when silent, garnishing the singing part of her role with her wonderful fruity mezzo. Stephen Pettitt - The Sunday Times - Aug 2018
The three women have the aura of screen goddesses.... Rosalind Plowright prowls threateningly as the taciturn Old Baroness. Richard Fairman - Financial Times - Aug 2018
Standing out from the surround are Rosalind Plowright as the dignified, taciturn Old Baroness who knows far more than she lets on... George Hall - The Independent - Aug 2018
Rosalind Plowright strikingly suggests a woman whose view of the present is haunted by the sadness of her own memories Tim Ashley - The Guardian - Aug 2018
Rosalind Plowright magisterial as the taciturn Old Baroness; Yehuda Shapiro - The Stage - Aug 2018
The Old Baroness is principally a silent watcher who doesn’t have much to sing, but some of her interventions come at crucial moments and Rosalind Plowright made the most of them: her retort to Erika that “he saw your money before he saw your eyes” was the most telling line of the evening. David Karlin - Bachtrack - Aug 2018
The action revolves round three women, played here by .... and Rosalind Plowright (The Old Baroness, whose stony silence towards daughter and grand-daughter is another mystery). Barry Millington - Evening Standard - Aug 2018
Rosalind Plowright makes her presence felt in the role of the Old Baroness, Vanessa's mother, who sings only to those who connect to life. David Nice - - Aug 2018
The Old Baroness (Rosalind Plowright) looks on with silent, icy disdain. Fiona Maddocks - The Observer - Aug 2018
Rosalind Plowright, who makes The Old Baroness a model of self-righteous piety Sam Smith - Musicomh - Aug 2018
Looking on was Rosalind Plowright's iron-backed Old Baroness. When she did speak, every word counted, and throughout the opera Plowright's eyes, facial expressions and rigid body language told us everything. In this production, it was clear that whilst the Old Baroness could see clearly what was happening in the present, she was also seeing and remembering the past, and perhaps introducing her own regret at how she had allowed the past to create the present. Robert Hugill - Planet Hugill - Aug 2018
Rosalind Plowright’s frozen Baroness, — stealing the honours Neil Fisher - The Times - Aug 2018
and her mother the Old Baroness (the latter sung by Rosalind Plowright on fabulous dowager form) Mark Valencia - - Aug 2018
and Rosalind Plowright and Donnie Ray Albert etch strong cameos as Vanessa’s mother and the family doctor. Rupert Christiansen - Daily Telegraph - Aug 2018
As a result, the Baroness, in the hands of the superb Rosalind Plowright, became the most compelling character onstage, rather than the usual icy enigma. We seemed at times to see her aging before our eyes, and Plowright made her emotional distress gut-wrenching. Opera News - Brian Kellow - Nov 2018
But it’s Rosalind Plowright as the Old Baroness, the elderly matriarch who has Anatol’s measure from the start, who walks off with both vocal and acting honours. Brian Kellow - Opera News - Oct 2018
Rosalind Plowright is a formidable Old Baroness John Allison - Daily Telegraph - Oct 2018
Rosalind Plowright, as the Old Baroness, sang really magnificently. Plowright's performance was spell-binding, wonderfully acted and perfectly registered. Opera Now - Jan 2017
Even then, the evening was almost stolen by Rosalind Plowright as the old Baroness. It isn't a large part, and she never tried to upstage or outshine anyone - indeed, she often barely moved - but it was impossible to take one's eyes off this great artist. Geoffrey Wheatcroft - Opera - Jan 2017
As her grandmother, Rosalind Plowright swept all before her: she has little to sing (the Old Baroness is barely on speaking terms with her daughter, although, here, their reconciliation as Vanessa leaves is profoundly touching), but you can’t take your eyes off her, even when she is silent, the mark of a great artist now enjoying her “third” career as a top-of-the-range cameo performer. Hugh Canning - Sunday Times - Nov 2016
The Old Baroness (Rosalind Plowright) .... Plowright's stillness .... married to vivid sung characterisations. Anna Picard - The Times - Nov 2016
Stealing several scenes, however, is mezzo Rosalind Plowright as the stiff-backed, taciturn Old Baroness, a role she plays to perfection. George Hall - The Stage - Oct 2016
... the Baroness, played by the eminent Rosalind Plowright. Cathy Desmond - Irish Examiner - Nov 2016
The omnipresence of the old Baroness as an observer was palpably audible, although the drama in the music tells more about her feelings than just her sung text. Rosalind Plowright portrays her as a deeply embittered woman - who expresses her feelings through her painting. Only at the end, when Vanessa leaves the house, does she demonstrate for a brief moment her feelings for her daughter, - and embraces her briefly, before donning again her mask of inaccessibility. Plowright's most impressive vocal moment comes in the 2nd Act, when she gives vent to her anxiety, that her granddaughter Erika has wandered out into the cold night). Thomas Molke - Online Musik Magazin - Nov 2016
Rosalind Plowright gave life to the Baroness, her strong voice denouncing the passage of time. José M. Irurzun - Seen and Heard - Nov 2016
her grandmother was played by the veteran Rosalind Plowright - formidable indeed. Brian Dickie - Blog - Nov 2016
Rosalind Plowright, baronne filiforme d'un chic absolu, dont le rôle le plus souvent muet n'obère en rien la présence, évidente, soprano puis mezzo-soprano désormais admise dans cette caste de chanteuse auxquelles il suffit d'apparaître pour capter l’attention, une de celles dont on glisse le nom au détour d’une conversation, suscitant autant d'envie que de jalousie par cette simple confidence « je l'ai vue », diva hier - par la seule force d'une Leonora discographique alors contestée aux côtés de Placido Domingo sous la direction de Carlo Maria Giulini - et à présent divine. Christophe Rizoud - - Nov 2016
The Old Baroness