While Rosalind Plowright, showing she still has plenty of voice, made Mamma Lucia into into something of a down-home grande dame Rolf Fath - Opera - Feb 2021
- though Rosalind Plowright brought a brooding dignity to Lucia, even while perched impassively at the side of the action dressed as Dot Cotton. Richard Bratby - The Spectator - Oct 2017
Rosalind Plowright’s Lucia stands scornfully behind her counter, her clientele an anonymous grey gaggle, all drooping shoulders and headscarves. Graham Rickson - The Arts Desk - Sept 2017
... and Rosalind Plowright’s virtually omnipresent Mamma Lucia. George Hall - The Stage - Oct 2017
Lucia (Rosalind Plowright) festering behind the counter of “Sklep Lucyna”, her uninvitingly functional, empty-shelved shop, Richard Wilcocks - Bachtrack - Sept 2019
...and Rosalind Plowright’s forthright Lucia fill out the canvas. Martin Dreyer - The Press, York - Oct 2017
The setting is dominated by a towering cross and the stark grey village shop under proprieter Mamma Lucia's ever-watchful eye - a riveting characterisation from veteran soprano Rosalind Plowright. Geoffrey Mogridge - The Ilkley Gazette - Oct 2017
As Turiddu’s Mama, Rosalind Plowright offered an imperious portrayal of Sicilian motherhood. John Leeman - Seen & Heard International - Sept 2017
Rosalind Plowright is not the usual weak mother blind to her son’s wickedness..... Mama Lucia (a steely and implacable Rosalind Plowright) sitting behind the counter of her food shop observes much of her son’s misbehaviour. Owen Davies - International Theatre Reviews - Oct 2017
Rosalind Plowright as Lucia, Turiddu’s mother, has practically no positive action on stage and is motionless most of the time, but she evinces such a powerful aura of shame, despair and disbelief at her son’s conduct, that she needs no movement. Sandra Callard - Yorkshire Magazine - Sept 2017
Mama Lucia