L’œuvre au fond se suffit à elle même, avec le grand air de la mère, pris très large et véhément par une Rosalind Plowright qui nous plonge d’un coup dans la vérité du drame ... Jean-Charles Hoffelé - ConcertClassic.com - 17 April 2008
... avec le beau timbre et la puissance de Rosalind Plowright, Simon Corley - ConcertoNet - April 2008
The cast may pack a terrific punch - it is nice to see Rosalind Plowright (the Mother) back in the house after 20 years’ absence Francis Carlin - Financial Times - April 2008
Rosalind Plowright ouvre le cauchemar en mère suppliciée d’inquiétude et de chagrin. Caroline Alexander - Opéra & Classique - Avril 2008
Rosalind Plowright was close to perfect as the Mother. The twin emotion and clarity of her performance precisely mirrored the role and the text. It is a wonderful role, and she was wonderful in it. Mark Berry - Seen and Heard International - April 2008
In the first scene we see the mother, the mezzo-soprano Rosalind Plowright, who brought anguished vocal colorings and fierce intensity to her portrayal, treading her way to the prison, hobbled with grief as she walked on a shifting section of the stage floor that keep her, metaphorically, stuck in place. Anthony Tommasini - New York Times - 23 April 2008
We first meet the Prisoner’s mother in front of the cage. Mezzo-soprano ROSALIND PLOWRIGHT is in fine form, a world-weary augur, filled with dread certainty that her son’s promised salvation is a deception, her voice heavy with the knowledge of grief to come Shirley Apthorp - Musical America - 18 April 2008
La Madre